What does Hashem GOD say about an egalitarian section of the Wall?

Today Hashem God has asked me to provide commentary on a current event that is going on right now in Israel and around the world that’s creating quite a stir. There was a decision to create an egalitarian prayer section at the Western Wall where men and women would be able to pray together and the Women of the Wall, a reform Jewish women’s movement who desire to wear traditional men’s prayer clothing while they pray at the Wall could do so. They were going to create this section and today it’s in the news that Prime Minister Netanyahu has agreed to put a freeze on this and rescind his agreement to create this section. The uproar is that he is kowtowing to the ultra Orthodox rabbis of Israel.

I asked Hashem, “What do you think about all of this? What is your decision? Did the ultra Orthodox rabbis make the correct move to require Prime Minister Netanyahu to rescind or freeze this agreement?”  Hashem God has said unequivocally that they made the right decision, that there should be no egalitarian section at the Western wall. He went further to say that wearing traditional men’s clothing used for prayer like tefillin, a kippah and a tallis in public by women is against His law.  He’s saying (right now) it’s blasphemy. It’s not good. Please believe me that this is Him, not me saying these words. He said it’s atrocious.

He has also explained to me that women who believe wearing tefillin and tallis and kippah in public while they pray believe that it’s a sign of equality. He just said it is not. It is demeaning to the woman. It’s not uplifting. I asked Hashem God, “Is it ever okay for a woman to put on tefillin or tallis or kippah if she believes that this would strengthen her connection to Him in this world?” He said, Yes. There is an appropriate way to do such a thing. He said that she may do so in the privacy of her own home, behind closed doors and not in view of any other person. If it’s for a pure reason and it’s simply for her need, her pure need to connect to Him, that would be permitted. He says that is okay.

I hope this gives you food for thought. These are not my words. This is not my opinion. I agree with the opinion of Hashem God always. He is the King of the Universe, He is the Master. He wrote the Torah. He gave us the Torah and these are His laws. He also has asked me right now to further this and say that men and women should pray separately. Emphatically. Always. This is Him speaking through me and I hope you appreciate this message.

If you’d like to discuss privately any of this information or any of the other information in videos that I have put out there you can schedule a meeting with me. I am here. I am willing and I am ready to share Him with you. It’s my pleasure and my privilege and blessing. God bless you. May there be peace in our world in our time. God bless you.


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