About Lori Michelle

Lori Michelle, Teacher, Adviser, Messenger

Accomplished Business Woman Turned Visionary for World Peace

After graduating from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a degree in Economics and Finance, Lori Michelle enjoyed a successful career in sales and marketing. She founded Gateway Creative Group in 1988, a full-service marketing communications company. For over 25 years, as President of Gateway Creative, she successfully assisted businesses from Fortune 100 to small start-ups in creating marketing communications, branding, advertising, web presence and business development.

In 2001, she began suffering from progressive and profound hearing loss which was leading to deafness. As an outgoing and gregarious woman who built her career on relationships and communication, the knowledge that she was going deaf was overwhelming and devastating. By the spring of 2009, she was advised by her audiologist that she was going deaf. Being a woman of strong faith, her natural reaction to this heartbreaking news was to reach for God in continuous and relentless prayer.

Spiritual Awakening

In April of 2009, on a family road trip to Chicago during spring break, she was awakened to a powerful male voice saying “Go get pen and paper and start writing this down.” She listened and began recording her conversations with our Creator, God Himself. While this was a miraculous and supernatural gift, it led her through a living nightmare. The next few years would be devastating to both her and her entire family.

Founding of Running on Love the Charity

The events that followed destroyed her all-American model life as a working mother of 3 children. During this nightmare in the aftermath of her awakening, she was compelled to keep going and find meaning in continuous losses and family crises that were thrust upon her. She kept relentlessly reaching for God through it all. Finding extraordinary joy in her passion for her pastime of running marathons for charity, in November of 2009 she founded Running on Love as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Running on Love’s original charitable mission was to gather people under the umbrella of love and inspire them to actively give to charity and help those in need. It was many years later, after her spiritual awakening, when she discovered that this was God’s charity intended to bring us world peace.

Turning Tragedy into Triumph

By mid-2015, Lori was divorced, deaf, and finally underwent cochlear implant surgery. Her entire life savings went into Running on Love praying that it was time for this charity to succeed. It was not in God’s timing and suddenly she found herself penniless and at the risk of homelessness. In October of 2015 it was once again time to make another life change. She immigrated to Israel where she now resides near the famed Sea of Galilee. Lori is rebuilding her life and living her purpose as a Teacher, Adviser, and Messenger.

Teacher, Adviser, Messenger and Author

Today she is writing her first of a series of books documenting her life experiences and sharing the voice and wisdom of our Creator, God Himself. The first book is planned to be released in 2018. Lori hosts weekly programs called Running on Love with GOD where she speaks about everyday human issues and problems that plague us all.

Purpose and Mission

Lori Michelle’s life purpose and mission: World peace in our time. She has been chosen to be a teacher, adviser and messenger and educate people about the source of problems we now see in our world. It is her hope and prayer that people around the world will join her in this mission. Through love, charity, and education we will come together as the family we were always intended to be and bring world peace in our time. Please join her in bringing healing to our world and listen, learn and work for peace.

She is following her calling to share her gift of communicating fluently with our Creator. On this website you can can receive inspiration, watch her video Q&A’s and programs and receive advice and spiritual guidance. The powerful wisdom shared on this site will help you find spiritual wellness and deepen your connection with God Himself.  To support her work, please make a donation to the 501(c)(3) charity Running on Love, whose mission is to bring world peace through love, charity and education. DONATE NOW




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