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Find your smile and heal from the inside out. It is my privilege and life’s purpose to share the voice of God Himself and be your teacher and guide to spiritual wellness. Schedule a 1/2 hour or 1 hour meeting where we will discuss your questions. All meetings are private and confidential. I record all sessions on video chat for your use and review. The questions and concerns we all face are universal and can be of help to others too. If you desire to share our video meeting with others, or you would like me to post our session for the public, that is your choice and I will only share upon your approval. There is absolutely no pressure or obligation to do so. The decision to share is yours alone.

To arrange a private meeting, use the calendar below and select a convenient time. The times listed on the calendar schedule are based on New York time.  Once you have scheduled your private meeting, you will receive further instructions by email and contact information for our session.

More About Private Meetings

Meetings are scheduled in 30-minute sessions with 5 minutes of personal guidance before we begin and a 5 minute post call re-cap. To schedule a 60-minute session, please book 2 consecutive 30-minute meetings. There will be a brief intermission in between. This will benefit you by allowing you time to collect your thoughts and ask deeper questions. It also will provide you with two 30-minute recordings making it easier for you to review and digest all of the information.

Fees are Donations to Running on Love

Fees paid for private meetings are a donation to the 501(c)(3) charity Running on Love. There are no refunds or cancellations. Unforeseen circumstances do occur and sometimes meetings need to be rescheduled. If a meeting must be rescheduled, please provide 24 hours notice in advance of our scheduled call.


Sunday – Thursday: By Appointment
Friday:  Closed
Saturday: Closed

$50 for a 30-minute session

$100 for a 60-minute session

Please select one time block for a 30-minute session. For a 60-minute session, go back and select a second adjacent block of time.


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