Is there such a thing as “Divine Retribution”?

Not every religion has a belief in divine retribution. Before I answer the question, I have to define what is divine retribution. When you look it up online it talks about God’s punishment — the wrath of God. But if you look up each word in the term “divine retribution”, divine means God and retribution means reward, recompense. So it makes you wonder why when you look up the term divine retribution does it specifically talk about punishment.

To answer the question first, “Is there such a thing as Divine Retribution?” Hashem God says “Yes. There is.” meaning if you do something good, you’re rewarded and if you do something evil, you’re punished. But it’s not a complete answer. In other words, we don’t walk around in our lives and become a do-gooder and expect that everything will go our way. Hashem God’s ways are much more complicated than that. What looks like a punishment is not truly a punishment always. There are many people like myself who have suffered. It looks like on the face of it, from the outside looking in, that I don’t have God’s favor and the opposite is true. I have the most amazing gift of hearing Him and speaking with Him in plain English. But at the same time I have that gift, I went deaf, I got divorced and I lost all of my possessions in the process. I am for what it’s worth, dirt poor right now. I am very happy. I have a roof over my head. I eat well and I lead a beautiful blessed life. But I don’t have a lot of money.

The world, the material world looks at money as a blessing. And it is but it’s also a test. You have to be very careful and thoughtful if you’re one of the people right now who has wealth —  millions, billions. It’s a test. It’s not necessarily a blessing from God. How so? There are very evil people who have a lot of money. Is He blessing them with wealth because He approves of their behavior? Hardly.

So divine retribution? Yes, there’s divine retribution but the ways of Hashem God are much deeper than “do something good — get a reward, do something wrong — get punished”. It’s not that simple.

I hope you’ll listen to the program from Sunday June 25 where I went deeper into this subject of Divine Retribution. I post all over social media so that you can learn the deeper meaning behind everything. He is speaking to me. He is all-knowing and all-wise and He knows exactly what you need and when you need it. That may include a little pain and suffering. It’s part of life.

Join us on Sundays for the Running on Love with God programs. Let’s listen, learn and work for peace. God bless you.

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