Meetings with Moshiach

Meetings with Lori Michelle the Moshiach

It is Lori Michelle’s life’s purpose to share the voice of Hashem God and be a teacher, adviser and messenger. Schedule a 1-hour meeting to discuss your questions. All meetings are private and recorded on video chat for your personal use and review. Many people may benefit from the information that is revealed in these private meetings. Meetings shared publicly are done at the participant’s discretion and with their permission.

Schedule a meeting

Send an email: Get In Touch and request to schedule a private meeting.

Requested Donation of $72 to Running on Love: Donate Now

The requested donation for private meetings is made to Running on Love the 501(c)(3) charity. Donations support Running on Love’s Mission: To heal our world through love, education and charity. Unforeseen circumstances can occur and sometimes meetings need to be rescheduled. If a meeting must be rescheduled, please provide 24-hour notice in advance of the scheduled time.


Sunday – Thursday: By Appointment
Friday:  Closed
Saturday: Closed


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