Motivational morning vision from Hashem GOD. Hashem always wins!

Hello, Lori here with another story of a good morning message from Hashem God that has to do with hair. Hair seems to be a big deal in this world. I know it’s a big deal to me because as a woman you always want your hair to look nice. In the religious world people cover their hair and it’s a big deal, that you’re supposed to cover your hair if you’re married. Well I’m not married and so I got a free pass on that one for now. It’s a subject matter for another day as far as the religious implications of hair but this story is heartwarming and funny. It shows Hashem’s personality which He definitely has one. A lot of people don’t realize that. Yes, He’s God, He’s the Master of the Universe but He is heartwarming and funny and He has His own unique personality.

As I have said often, my life is challenging. Doing this is very difficult. I have to put these videos out there and Hashem God will give me a subject matter and He says to me on a particular day, “You must talk about this.” so I turn my computer on, I turn my camera on and I start talking. The results so far are I’m divorced, I’m deaf and I’m destitute. Sort of. I live okay. I have enough to keep a roof over my head and my body fed and get a haircut once a month. Back to the hair.

So one morning I woke up and I didn’t want to get out of bed. I have a lot of trouble in the morning motivating myself to get up at 6 a.m. and go running. I run about 5 or 6 miles and then I go to the gym and work out, all at the prompting of Hashem God. He wants me to take care of my physical self. So the other morning I didn’t want to get out of bed as usual and I was whining and complaining. Thank God that’s not a sin in His eyes! But what is a sin is not trying. I was trying and I was talking to Him and I was praying and saying “Oh Hashem, I just want to lie here and talk to you. I don’t want to go out. It’s hot out there and ahh you know I work out and I don’t even see results. I was going on and on and suddenly He flashed a vision in my — what they call the third eye — this is where the movies happen — and He suddenly showed me my bed, me lying there, but suddenly a man got out of bed out of where I was lying and he put a ponytail in his hair. He looked to be 30-something, a good-looking guy and of course it was supposed to be Hashem — that He’s here with me and He’s doing everything with me. As He put the ponytail in His hair, which is what I do when I get up in the morning to go running, He’s pulling on me in the vision in bed. “Come on! Let’s go running! Come on!”

He made me laugh. He made me choke back tears because He is WOW. I don’t’ have a better word than “wow”. I’ll try to think of one, but awe. Pure awe. And funny and heartwarming. I hope you enjoyed this. I want to give you an inside bird’s-eye view of what it’s like to live as one with Hashem God and speak to Him and have Him motivate me to keep going in the face of continuous losses in this world. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope it motivates you and makes you realize that when you’re praying to Him, there’s a real Him and He is incredible. He has a wonderful personality, so the next time you reach for Him, imagine that He has a personality just like I’m explaining to you today and every day.

God bless you. I hope this helps you. May there be peace on earth in our time. God bless you.

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