Ten bites from him a day and Johnny doesn’t want to play. Depression & its source.

Messages, Life Lessons & Love from Lori Michelle: Ten bites from him a day and Johnny doesn’t want to play. Depression & its source.

In the course of a day we are all bitten ten, twenty or more times by other people. We are bitten and abused by their evil inclination, the yetzer hara, throughout the day. These constant assaults on us can bring our spirit down and make us feel anxious and depressed. Often people with very blessed lives are perplexed why they have the audacity to feel sad when they have so many reasons to be grateful. These guilt feelings only serve to make them sink even lower into deep depression.

Most people are absent of knowing that in every moment we are all choosing between good and evil. When the people in our lives choose incorrectly it feels like we’ve just been bitten. Enough bites out of our soul every day and we no longer want to play. Become educated about how everyone is harming each other by their daily choices and decide to stop the cycle of insanity. Watch this video message to learn more, then go online and order Blindsided by Messiah. Education and your decisive action will lead us all to the cure.

Read Blindsided by Messiah today and learn about the source of our troubles. We are all responsible to repair our world and knowledge is power. Start learning how we will heal this world one person at a time. Peace on earth begins with you.

Order Blindsided by Messiah: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0692182446

Listen. Learn. Work for Peace.

May there be world peace in our time.


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