Beware of befriending a mudslinger. YOU’RE NEXT!

Messages, Life Lessons & Love from Lori Michelle: Beware of befriending a mudslinger. YOU’RE NEXT!

Everyone at some time in their lives becomes a victim of mudslinging. Evil speech, also known as lashon hara, is one of the worst sins in the eyes of God Himself. Gossip, slander, sarcasm used to make someone else the butt of a joke, and mockery isn’t funny at all. This behavior harms everyone. Why is this behavior so abhorrent? Because when we use our God-given mouths to hurt another human being, we not only destroy lives, we destroy our world. This cannot be overstated. Look around our world right now and observe the acrimony and hatred we see on the public airwaves. Evil speech at its minimum, destroys personal relationships but at its worst instigates terrorism and war.

What goes around comes around until someone has the courage and fortitude to say no, not me. There are people who have made it part of their persona to be sarcastic and use hurtful speech to gain popularity. Beware of befriending people who are habitual mudslingers. You will be their next victim. It’s only a matter of time before their mudslinging and hate-filled behavior is directed at you too. Avoid befriending a mudslinger and don’t engage in mudslinging either. It’s hurtful, evil, and it’s destroying our world.

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Listen. Learn. Work for Peace.

May there be world peace in our time.


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