What is the difference between evil and stupid?

ASK THE MOSHIACH! What is the difference between evil and stupid?

This question may sound ridiculous or even stupid to people who think the answer is obvious. The correct answer isn’t obvious at all. Many people often accuse others of being stupid out of anger when those people aren’t stupid at all. Most people in our world are quite brilliant, truly. Added to this dilemma, the source of every human soul is pure goodness, Hashem the King of the Universe. So then why is our world spinning in chaos with acts of evil everywhere? Why do we see incredibly brilliant people making choices that appear to be just plain stupid?

In this video message which I recorded yesterday, the 10th of Av, I shed light about the source of evil and stupidity. Hashem has made it clear to me that stupidity will lead us to ruination and the end of humanity. Learn where stupidity comes from and choose to become educated about the source of our problems.

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Listen. Learn. Work for Peace.

May there be world peace in our time.


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