Why is controlling behavior counterproductive?

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As children grow up and become adults they look forward to being emancipated and taking control of their own lives. We all feel better when we have control of our lives and surroundings but this desire to control can lead to controlling behavior. Hashem is the Master of the Universe with full control and final say-so over everything that comes into being, however He never uses controlling behavior. He has full dominion over us all but never chooses to dominate. We are all free in Hashem God’s world.

Detailed Description: It’s natural to want to control your surroundings and what happens in your own life, but we don’t live in a vacuum. We share our journeys with other people who desire to control their lives too. When people try to control or manipulate others, it usually backfires and results in failed relationships. Marriages based on control and manipulation put one marital partner at a disadvantage to the other’s whims and desires. Someone usually feels taken advantage of or unappreciated. Many relationships flip back and forth changing which party is in control.  The result of controlling behavior can be divorce, fractured family relationships, and the end of friendships.

On this program of Running on Love with GOD, we will go deeper into the discussion of interpersonal relationships and controlling behavior. We all know it feels awful to be controlled by others but many people don’t realize when they are the perpetrator of this negative behavior. If Hashem God Himself has the ultimate power, why does He give us all the ultimate freedom to choose? Why is controlling behavior so counterproductive – inevitably bringing the opposite of what we truly desire? If freedom is our birthright from God Himself, why do we often feel powerless as though we live in servitude to others? People we love often try to control our decisions and interfere by meddling in our affairs believing they are being caring. How do we break free of this emotional tug of war when we love the people who are trying to control us?

Watch the program of Running on Love with GOD: “Why is controlling behavior counterproductive?”

We will explore how to dance through life without stepping on too many toes, or being the one who is stepped on!


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