What makes America great?

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President Trump ran his campaign with the promise to “Make America great again”. He is now the president of the USA much to the heartbreak of half of the country. Acrimony in America is at a fevered pitch. Many argue President Trump’s policies and personality make the USA a monumental embarrassment around the world.

Detailed Description: The United States elected a president who has a larger than life personality that ruffles many feathers. A billionaire businessman turned politician, President Trump has a personality people can’t seem to be neutral about. They feel obligated to take a position for or against him and the rancor within public dialogue is at an all-time high. If President Trump was correct that America needed to become “Great again”, did this imply it lost its greatness at some point in time? When did America stop being great?

On this program of Running on Love with GOD we will explore what many view as the decline of America. I will share what Hashem GOD Himself says about moral and spiritual decline in American society. The Declaration of Independence which was written and signed by the founding fathers, is replete with mention of our divine Creator. Many years later a law was passed to include “In God we trust” on US currency.  When President Trump, a wealthy billionaire, spoke about America’s greatness, was he referring entirely to money and strength? America is the beacon of liberty around the world. Is it freedom that makes America great? Does the world even believe America is or was a great country in the first place? As an American, I love my country of origin and know that its greatness has literally nothing to do with any of these “things”. Freedom, strength and wealth are all extra. America was great and continues to be so for one reason only: GOD. GOD is everything and everything else is extra.

This program is an honest discussion about issues that face America and the world. It is non-sectarian and about GOD, not religion. We must all listen, learn and work for peace because it’s through love, charity and education that we will heal our world. May there be world peace in our time.


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