Does GOD love animals?

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Many people around the world love animals. Dogs and cats are pets in many homes and are often considered members of the family. After the Great Flood, God gave Noah permission to eat animals for sustenance and many years later He gave the Jewish children His Torah with instructions regarding how to slaughter animals and which animals were permitted for their consumption. If God Himself gave these instructions regarding the slaughter and consumption of animals, is it possible He still loves them too?

Detailed Description: Around the world there are many people, groups, and organizations that promote the protection of animals. Some of these organizations have supported violence against people wearing animal furs. They protest the use of animals in medical research. Short of becoming violent, many people have chosen to become vegetarian, refraining from eating animals. Others are even more stringent in their refusal to eat animals and become vegan refusing to eat any foods that come from animals or fish. Does God hold vegetarians or vegans in higher esteem than people who choose to be carnivores? Are meat-eaters less holy in Hashem God’s eyes?

On this program of Running on Love with GOD, we will explore the topic of animals. Does God love animals? What does He say about choosing to become vegan or vegetarian? Where do dogs and cats fit into His master plan of creation? Why are they here and does God love these family pets the same way that people do? Where do animals go when they perish? Is there a special place in heaven for our pets? Many people believe that they reunite with their pets after they leave this world. Is that true? We will explore these questions and more.

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Please listen, learn, and work for peace. Through love, charity and education we will heal our world. May there be world peace in our time.

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