What’s causing the obesity crisis? YOU’RE BEING POISONED!

In case you didn’t know, we have a crisis in our world where there is more obesity and people who are overweight than ever before. A study just came out: England is now the most obese country in Europe. They doubled their obesity rate in just the past 20 years. America is still the leader with the most obese and overweight people in all the world. So what’s the problem? Are we just lazy, we’re just eating too much, we don’t care. Well that’s one problem. But that’s not the biggest problem.

The biggest problem is greed. Greed and evil. Your food supply is being poisoned. You are being poisoned. That is the number one reason for the obesity crisis. Evil and greed.

On a recent program of Running on Love with God, I unraveled what exactly is going on here. Why are so many people overweight and obese, more than ever before? Please watch, please listen, learn and work for peace. I’m telling the truth. I was awakened in April of 2009 to the voice of our Creator. He warned me that we are on the verge of extinction if we don’t wake up. He promises you’ll wake up and I hope this is the beginning.

Please watch the program Running on Love with God, as I unraveled the obesity crisis. I’m telling you—it’s a crisis. We are gaining too much weight. They say by the year 2030, 80% of the world will be overweight which means heart disease, cancer and early death. We’re in crisis mode. Please wake up humanity. We’re tipping the scales the wrong way and we’re dying.

Please wake up. This is the work of world peace. God bless you. Let’s listen, learn and work for peace now. God bless you.

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