How many Jews died in the Holocaust?

Today, November 9th is the anniversary of a very somber day in world history called Kristallnacht. Kristallnacht, in case you don’t know what it means, translates to “glass night” and is also called “night of broken glass”. Kristallnacht is the beginning truly of the Holocaust. A lot of historians say that that was the defining moment when paramilitary forces and German civilians attacked Jewish businesses and innocent Jewish civilians, burning synagogues and Jewish-owned stores. There were many fatalities. They report at least a hundred people were murdered and humiliated that evening. But they carted off 30,000 Jewish men and arrested them, incarcerated them and sent them to concentration camps. This was the defining moment that began the Holocaust and Hitler’s Final Solution.

I asked Hashem because there is a lot of speculation now about the Holocaust. People are speaking about it. People are speaking against it, saying it never happened. If you’re intelligent and you’re a thinking person, you know it happened. There’s too much irrefutable proof. But I asked the question to Hashem, “How many Jews truly died in the Holocaust?” because the numbers are all over the place. The most accepted number is 6 million Jews. Just over 6 million Jews perished at the hands of the Nazis. When I asked the question, I was quite surprised by His answer. His answer is, “Over 7 million.”

Well that’s a much different number than the one we’re used to. We’re used to hearing 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust. We also know that over 20 million people perished during the Holocaust as well so it was horrific. But why does he say over 7 million when the historians say just over 6? He includes in that number, the number of Jewish people who went into hiding, went on to have families and raise their children as Christians. He says that when a Jew leaves Judaism and no longer is a practicing Jew, it is a death in this world to a Jewish person. He says right now as we speak, there are just over a million people, souls in this world who are truly Jewish souls. Some of them are remnants of the Holocaust. They went into hiding, Jewish children were converted very young and they don’t even know that they’re Jews.

Why is this important to you if you’re not Jewish? Why is this important to the world, especially a world that is largely anti-Semitic right now? The Jewish children are truly His chosen children to lead the world to world peace. That’s who they are. So if Hitler had his way and eliminated the Jews from the world, there would be no world left. Be careful what you ask for. Be careful who you hate.

On a Sunday program, I went deeper into the subject of terrorism because every day we’re waking up to a new atrocity. We only hear about the big ones, the spectacular ones, like the terrorist who rented a Home Depot truck in New York and murdered 8 cyclists and pedestrians and injured many more. Or the Texas shooter who just murdered at point-blank range 26 parishioners at church on Sunday. They’re not calling him a terrorist; they’re calling him mentally ill. But do you really know what a terrorist is? Where is the terror coming from? I examined that on the Sunday program, and I posted a picture on Facebook that got quite a stir. It said, “We’ll never kill all the terrorists. End the terror by removing it from ourselves.”

Do you know the thoughts that you’re choosing might be terrorist thoughts? We can’t kill the last terrorist because the next terrorist is being born as we speak. If we don’t learn how to choose our thoughts correctly in every single moment, we’re unwittingly joining in on the same mentally ill corrosive thoughts that are destroying our entire world. Please join the conversation. This is true. This is real. I hear Him. This information, whether you believe I hear Him or not is logical and makes sense. If we do the things that I am sharing with you, we have a shot at eliminating terror and bringing peace to our world. Because at the end of the day, isn’t that what we truly want—peace on earth—for an eternity. Join the conversation and listen to the Sunday program I recorded. Please listen, learn and work for peace in our time. God bless you.

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