Does the world truly want the coming of Messiah/Moshiach?

Hashem has asked me to post this question. Does this world truly want the coming of Messiah/Moshiach? It sounds like a crazy question because people who believe in God and the concept of Messiah or Moshiach would say, “Of course we do!” But the answer to the question “Does this world truly want Messiah/Moshiach?” is no.

You do not truly want Messiah or Moshiach because each group, each person has a version of the truth that they will not let go of. They will not accept any concept or any idea that goes counter to what they believe is the truth. And so Hashem God says there is truth all over the world. There is one truth that weaves us together as one family. The Messiah as you call it, the Moshiach is somebody who cannot tell a lie — will only tell the truth and live the truth. And the truth may upset (He just said will upset) many people.

Many people will enjoy and appreciate some of the truth but the entire truth is a tough pill for everyone to swallow.

In a Sunday program I went deeper into the subject of: could you handle the truth? Would you listen to the truth? The name of the program is “What if the truth proves everyone wrong? Would you be able to listen?” Please listen to the program and examine yourself and see — are you able to seek the truth? Because Hashem says the truth will connect us as one family under one God and bring peace for an eternity.

I hope you will say yes. I hope you will begin to listen to these programs as I share the voice of Hashem God. He says peace is possible but it must come through you the children of God.

God bless you. I am praying for you. The truth will set us all free and bring peace for an eternity.  May there be peace on earth now. God bless you.


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