Who will heal our world of all its problems?

Hello this is Lori. Today’s question is: Who will heal our world of all its problems? It’s a good question. I asked this question once in a workshop that I took in public speaking. It was my turn to get up in front of the class and I asked the question, “How do you heal the world?” Nobody had an answer. I have an answer. Who will heal the world? We all will.

God says to me that we created the mess. We made choices and He allowed them to come into being. Look at our world. A lot of people think that terror and war is our only problem perhaps — that if we could get rid of the terrorists and solve the problems of war, we’d have a pretty good life. The truth is we’re killing ourselves. We’re killing each other. It’s not just war and terror that’s killing us although that’s a huge problem, perhaps the number one problem, but our air is hardly fit to breathe, people are dying of cancer and being diagnosed with cancer probably every minute of every day and young people in the United States of America are killing themselves — the number two cause of death among young people in the United States is suicide. Did I say enough? Are there enough problems that we should all sit up at attention and say it’s time?

I posted a picture of skulls on Facebook and it got a lot of reaction. It said, “Poison and war are destroying our planet. God says repair the world or lose everything. World peace will be earned, not given.” World peace is the removal of all the conflagration, all the fighting and all the war and terror. But world peace also means healing our world. Our water is polluted. Our air is polluted. Why? We have to go deeper into examining where did it all come from?

It started with a decision by a person. So the solution Hashem God says is to learn the proper way to choose and to choose correctly in every moment. It’s too daunting to say to you that you have to come up with an idea to heal the world. But it’s a doable task if I told you that what you have to do is look inward and find the problems within yourself because if every person starts to do the self-work that is needed, we will heal the world in our time.

I went deeper in a Sunday program about how do we heal the world and what does God say? So listen to the full Running on Love with God program and learn where we’re going wrong and how it’s possible for us all to experience world peace, world healing in our time. I hope you’re listening and I hope that you share this message and join the programs every Sunday and start doing the work of world peace.

God bless you.  May there be peace in our world in our time. God bless you.

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