Hashem GOD says “People are like cucumbers.” Find out why!

Hashem God wanted me to share a couple of visions that He gave me over the past couple of weeks. They’re both related. A couple of weeks ago He awakened me to a vision of this — a cucumber — and He said, “Lori what does a cucumber taste like?” I said “It has a mild flavor. Sometimes it’s sweet but it’s mild. It really takes on the flavor of whatever you’re soaking it in. If it’s vinegar, it becomes sour and if you soak it in sugar, something sweet, it becomes a sweet pickle.

He said, “That’s right. People are like the cucumber. They take on the flavor of whomever they surround themselves with.” I said, “Yeah. I never thought of it that way. That’s profound. That’s very true. We’re taught that from the time we’re small to be careful about the friends we choose and who we surround ourselves with because we tend to adapt to their personalities. So if you’re hanging out with a bad crowd, you’re apt to get yourself in a lot of trouble.”

Fast forward a few days ago He showed me cucumber slices. This time they were sliced but they still had the skin on them. And then He showed me something else. He asked, “Lori what’s this?” I said, “It’s a potato peeler.” He said, “That’s right. Peel away the barrier and let them absorb your wisdom, your kindness, your faith and your love.”

I said, “That’s beautiful Hashem. I’m trying. I’m putting these videos out there. A few people are listening. It’s starting to travel. But the reaction is hot and cold, mostly cold, mostly invisible. The only ones who are really bothering to contact me are a little cuckoo. Slamming scripture down my throat. I don’t read scripture. I speak to Hashem God, the One. That’s where I learn everything. I take that back. I read the Torah with Hashem when He says pick up the Chumash today Lori. Let’s read Torah.”

But it’s His commentary and His wisdom that teaches me. Truly I don’t hang out with anyone any more. I hang out with Hashem God. So if you’re a God-loving person and you enjoy these videos, share them. You don’t have to reach out to me but I assure you I’m doing this for love. Love for you, for your families, for the world. He is God. He is incredible. I have a phenomenal, fantastic gift that I just want to give away. That’s all I want to do is share Him and these morning visions and all this wisdom with whomever will listen. So keep listening, share and call me. But not if you’re cuckoo. Call me if you need help. I’m here to help.

God bless you. Sending you my love. I want peace on earth for every child of God in the world now. Peace to you. God bless you.

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