Hashem’s Vision: Katie Couric & Garry Shandling. Message: WAKE UP!

Hello, Lori Michelle here to share a morning vision with a very profound take-home message. Very important for everyone. The other morning Hashem woke me to a vision of Katie Couric, the news anchor. I didn’t know it was her at first. It was a blonde woman with her hair cut very short and I only saw her from the back. When she turned around I saw it was Katie Couric and she had left a little hair on top. It was very stylish the way she cut her hair. She looked beautiful. I was very happy to see that she looked beautiful in her new hairstyle. She started to do a segue way to a commercial and her face grew sullen, very sad and then she said, “Next. Garry Shandling committed suicide.

I was stunned. Suddenly the image of Katie Couric vanished and Hashem began to speak with me. He asked “Do you know how Garry Shandling died?”

In case you don’t know, Garry Shandling is a famous (was a famous) American comedian. He was very funny and one of the funny things I remember about him is that he used to do stand-up comedy and he would always comment about his hair. “How does my hair look?” And so Hashem making the vision at first about Katie Couric’s hair was a little tongue in cheek. But the take-home message is not funny at all.

I said, “No I don’t know how Garry Shandling died.” and He said to look it up. I went to my iPhone and I googled “Garry Shandling cause of death.” The coroner report came up that he died of blood clotting. It also came up that he had two drugs in his system: Xanax which is an anti-anxiety medication, and the other drug they found was OxyContin which is a pain killer. They said he was on this due to dental work. I looked further and I found that one of the rare side effects of OxyContin is blood clotting. I was a little shocked that he was on that medication since he suffered from what Hashem called “thrombosis”, a disease that causes blood clotting.

I researched further because I understand that prescription medications interact with one another. I looked up “Xanax and OxyContin taken at the same time” and the results were serious. It can cause sudden death. So the vision that Hashem God gave me which He desired for me to make a video and put out there in public is a warning. Garry Shandling didn’t knowingly commit suicide but Hashem is warning you, all of you that you are all committing suicide. You’re taking prescription medications at an alarming rate. You’re taking medications for things that you may not need medication for. It’s a time bomb.

Garry Shandling died at the age of 66. That’s not very old. He died prematurely. If you’re a teenager or you’re a young adult and you think 66 is old, God willing you’ll live to be 57 like me and think that’s awfully young. He died prematurely because he didn’t guard his health. He was taking prescription medications without knowing that they interacted with each other and that they could cause him death. His doctors didn’t do their due diligence either.

It’s time to wake up and understand that you must guard your health and look for ways to get off many of these medications. You’re overmedicating and you’re a ticking time bomb.

I hope this was timely information and it makes you sit up at attention and run over to your medicine cabinet and look at what you’re taking. Do you even know? It’s time to wake up children of God. The time is now to start listening and learning. He is talking to me and He is giving me messages for you. It’s time to get it right. God bless you. I’m praying for you. May there be peace in our world in our time. God bless you.

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