Vision: Thousands of people with rulers! He says you will wake up!

A couple of mornings ago I was awakened to a vision of thousands of people holding up what looked like small rulers, measuring rulers. It was a crowd of thousands of people holding up these rulers as if to say, “Measure me!” or “Tell me where I measure up Lori Michelle!”

I woke up to this vision and I said, “Wow! What are you telling me Hashem?” He said, “Lori, they’re going to wake up and they’re going to want to get it right. That vision showed you that they’re going to be holding their hands up and asking you, “Tell me. Tell me where I measure up. Tell me where I’m getting it wrong and help me get it right.”

I thought, “Wow. If that could only be true.” because I posted another video with lemon wedges where He said that a lot of people find my messages very bitter and disturbing because I’m not telling you you’re perfect. I’m not telling you you’re getting everything right. I’m pointing out things around the world where we’re all going wrong. The reason I’m doing that is He says it’s my job. It’s a wake-up call. It’s an alarm bell really. People are dying every day in acts of terror and everybody thinks that they’re perfect and they’re not participating in the problem. That’s just not so.

So this vision of people holding up rulers and asking, “Where am I getting it right? Where am I getting it wrong? How do I measure up? Where can I improve?” is the most blessed vision Hashem could give me because it means that one day and I hope it’s soon, you’ll wake up and you’ll join me with the work of world peace. I don’t know what you think of this message but it was a real vision and He says soon you will be on board. I am here to help you. Watch the programs on my website, email me, schedule a meeting. I’ll help you privately one-on-one. It’s my honor and privilege to share His voice with you and to help everyone get it right so that we can have peace on earth in our time. God bless you. I hope it comes true. Soon. God bless you.

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