Emotional vision from Hashem: A Bullseye, Clowns and Me, Lori

Today I am going to share a vision and a conversation with Hashem God that has a lot of meaning. It’s packed with metaphors and a deeper meaning for me. You see sometimes I go through my day and my daily life and I think that I’m a bit of a caricature or a clown—that people really aren’t taking me seriously and they’re making fun. “Yeah right, you’re talking to God.” And I get a little down about that. There are people listening and I appreciate you if you’re one of them. Thank you. I appreciate it. But this work is really hard and not everybody is taking me seriously. They think I’m a bit of a clown.

Just last week I woke up in the middle of the night and I was thinking about just that — that I’m a bit of a clown to everybody. Suddenly Hashem God flashed an image in my mind’s eye. This is where He shows me images. He showed me in that moment a bullseye. I said, “A bullseye! Why are you showing me a bullseye?” He said, “Keep watching.” The bullseye was then on the side of a cruise ship and it became a window on the side of the ship. Suddenly the window opened and out of the window came a gigantic clown. I knew right away it was Hashem with red curly hair and a big clown nose. He came out of this window on the side of the cruise ship and after him came a smaller clown, a small clown but a man and it was my dad (my dad died in 1985).

So they came out of the window and I thought, “What is going on? What are you trying to tell me?” Right after they came out, right after my father, I came out of the window but I was dressed all in white. I wasn’t wearing a clown’s outfit at all. I was wearing a bright white outfit. My father had disappeared from the image. I looked down at the water. Hashem God’s image of a clown had turned into a brightly colored life raft. So I jumped out of the window and I jumped into the life raft. Suddenly out of the water popped a brand-new baby.

The meaning of this became clear to me as I talked to Hashem God. He said “They make fun of you. They’re not taking you seriously. You’re a bit of a clown right now but when they make fun of you baby, they’re making fun of me. And the image of your father was telling you the same thing.” I could just imagine my dad, my dad was a fighter from Williamsburg, Brooklyn (born there), and I could just hear him saying, “You let them laugh. I’m with you. When they laugh at you, they’re laughing at me.” That was my dad. He was always right there at my rescue when I needed him.

The baby was Hashem’s way of telling me—new life. He said to keep going. It’s going to happen. Keep going and there’ll be a new life for you baby. He calls me baby. So does my dad. But I’m not much of a baby. I’m kind of an old girl, from Brooklyn too.

I hope you enjoyed this story. It’s filled with metaphors. That’s how He talks to me. He shares metaphors and deeper meaning and He’s WOW! I can’t share Him enough with you to let you know how incredible Hashem God is. Everybody knows that God is awesome but I believe if I share enough of these stories with you He will take on a new and more awesome personality and something that perhaps you never knew about Him before. He has a real personality and He is magnificent and loving and funny and wise and everything that you would imagine God to be. But He’s much more.

I hope you enjoyed this and please tune in again and go to my website LoriMichelle.net. I want to share with you. Contact me. May there be peace on earth in our time. God bless you.

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