Why do good people suffer? Isn’t God listening?

This is a good question that a lot of people ask. A lot of people have strong faith in God and pray all the time. And sometimes His answer is no. People die of cancer. People are caught in the middle of a terror attack. Children, unthinkable, are dying in acts of terror. It makes you think, “Is He listening? Is there really a God?” Some people have lost complete faith that there is any Creator or all-powerful, all-kind and loving Creator. I assure you there is. I was awakened eight years ago and I have a direct relationship and speak to Him all the time. You see He knows more than we do. We come here and our conscious mind is erased. I posted something on social media — a picture of a child crying and it says “You can’t always get what you want. Pray real hard. He always gives what you need.”

When I was awakened over eight years ago I recognized I was going deaf. I cried and I screamed for him. I used a prayer that means here, “shema” here in Hebrew and I got an audible answer. Wow. My life careened out of control. It wasn’t exactly what I asked for. I went deaf. Now as I speak to you today I am almost completely deaf. I have the miracle of a cochlear implant which keeps me connected to the world but I lost my hearing. He said no. He had other plans for me. I didn’t know what those plans were. Over eight years ago I had no idea. I screamed for Him and He answered and part of His answer was no. Am I sad? Am I angry? No! Going deaf was the biggest blessing on the face of the earth. It was also and is also extremely difficult. God knows best. He knows why we’re here. He knew my purpose. I didn’t. I have awakened to my purpose and sometimes He says no and He allows terrible things to happen to wake you up.

And now I’m wide awake and I am hoping you join me because this is the work of world peace. He says these are the end of days. We have to learn how to get it right and we have to work for peace. Peace will not come automatically. On Sunday June 11, 2017 I did a blog talk radio program where I went deeper into this discussion of why do good people suffer and is He listening? He sure is and I hope you will listen too. Join the program and join this work. This is the work of world peace. We have to listen, learn and work for peace and bring peace on earth in our time. God bless you. Peace to you.

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