Why should we honor our mother?

It’s a commandment — honor thy mother and father — but today we’re going to talk about what Hashem God has revealed to me about the mother. He says the mother is closest to Him in nature. What does this mean? God is all giving. He’s completely outward. All He desires is love and appreciation. In that way the mother is exactly like Hashem God. Women, mothers in particular simply desire your love and appreciation. So this Mother’s Day, understand the mother and her nature is a giver. That’s what she desires.

In our world we have women who have been less than appreciated since the beginning of time. And women have been subjugated to horrible things like slavery and ridicule and valued only for their ability to bear children. Sometimes people ridicule something called “women’s work”. They don’t appreciate all the roles and all the things that a mother does for the family. Nowadays in the year 2017 women work and raise their families both. It’s a very difficult job.

Being a mom is the most difficult job on earth and we’re not given a user’s manual. When I had a child, my first child twenty-five years ago, I remember being petrified. My whole life I kept thinking I want to be a mom. I want to have a baby. When they put the baby in my arms, the task of raising another human being was daunting. I did my best and I still do my best. I have been blessed with three amazing children. But I don’t think that I ever understood what goes into being a mom.

I would like you, whoever you are, to pause and think of all the things that your mother ever did for you. She may not be perfect. She may have made mistakes. She may be less than what you expected, but she’s a mom and Hashem God says it is her nature to love her children and love you and give to you. All she desires is “Thank you mom. I love you.” That’s all she really desires at the end of the day. So on Mother’s Day, say “Thank you mom” no matter what your relationship is with her. Because she tries her very best and she does love you no matter what. It’s inherent. It’s in her nature.

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