Why is it critical to ask, “Do you LOVE GOD?” before you marry?

If you love God, you will never want to disappoint Him. If you revere God, your ego is in check. That means that you realize that you are not the center of the universe — that there is a master and creator who is responsible for everything and we are beholden to Him. Right there from good morning you are a candidate to be a better spouse to your loved one.

You need to love God because especially men have a stronger inclination to have a strong ego and self-centeredness. It’s part of their persona. Men are conquerors. They want things. They are controlling. They are very strong. In the Jewish religion they are actually commanded to pray three times a day to God and remember that God is above them — to keep that ego in check. Having a belief and love for God means you know He is real, you’re not just going through the motions because you were taught to pray three times a day or every day — or that you were taught that God is real so you assume God is real. But if you’re passionate about your relationship with Him, you truly know He is real. And that right there takes your ego down a step and makes the person that you’re married to all the more important because your ego, your self is in check.

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