What is the source of mental illness?

A lot of people believe that the source of mental illness is biological, genetic, it’s a chemical imbalance in your brain and it’s treated as such. Medical doctors are diagnosing people daily with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, all kinds of disorders, even disorders that have been recently named and didn’t exist when I was growing up as a kid. So are they treating mental illness correctly? If you want to cure a problem you need to know the source or the origin or you’re just ameliorating the problem, putting a band-aid on it. Or perhaps you’re exacerbating the problem and making it much worse.

The answer to the question, “What is the source of mental illness as we know it?” is — spirit. That might shock a lot of people or maybe there are mental health professionals who agree that you need to treat the entire patient. You can’t just give a patient drugs. You need to speak with them and you need to do things like psychotherapy and all kinds of therapies.

But it’s deeper than that. We come as a spirit and we journey in a body. There’s really two of us in essence journeying here in a way. It’s very complicated but it’s actually very simple. In preparation for a program that I did on mental illness I asked Hashem God, “Hashem, is there such a thing as mental illness? If it’s a spiritual problem, well then there’s a cure so maybe there’s no such thing as mental illness.” Just then Hashem God showed me an image of a black masked man — a terrorist — and I knew exactly what He was saying. That’s mental illness.

What is mental illness? He says it emanates from the yetzer hara and if you don’t know what yetzer hara is you need to start listening to my program every Sunday, Running on Love with God. I am working to educate the world with things that have been written and taught for thousands of years. Many millions of people are suffering and they don’t realize that the answers are here. There is a cure to mental illness. But it isn’t biological. It isn’t genetic. You didn’t get it from your mother. Some people say everything that goes wrong in our lives is mom’s fault. But this one isn’t mom’s fault. This one truly isn’t anyone’s fault. You need to understand where your mental health problems are coming from and address them and I can help.

I have a new website, lorimichelle.net and if you’d like to speak with me personally, please visit that website and also share this video. There are people out there who are hurting. I have answers. I can be a guide and help you. Because if we heal ourselves we have a shot at healing our world. This is the work of world peace.

On one of my Sunday programs we went into great depth about mental illness, the source, how it’s being treated and what about these drugs? Are they good? Everything comes from Hashem God so they must be good or can something good turn into something evil? Let’s talk about it. Let’s not be afraid to face our fears and our problems and let’s work for peace on earth in our time. God bless you. Sending you love from Israel and I hope you will join the work of world peace. God bless you.

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