Is world peace possible and how?

Hashem God has answered this question unequivocally to me many times. He says we will have peace on earth for an eternity. He not only says that we will have peace for an eternity but He says that we are the generation to bring world peace. This generation. That’s fantastic news! It’s very exciting. But the challenge and the disappointment is that most of the world is not awake. They’re not working for peace. They’re putting out fires. They’re fighting wars. They’re dropping bombs and that is not the how that I am told we need to bring peace on earth. The how is for us all to get together as one family and learn how to remove evil from ourselves. Self-help. Self-work. Every person in the world is expected to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Get busy finding out where they can improve themselves, how they can do it better.

If you’re reading this, that’s a good first step. The second step is tune in on Sundays. I was awakened in April of 2009 to the voice of our Creator. I’m not stopping. That was eight years ago and it’s stronger, more vivid, more clear and this is my purpose. To share the knowledge that I have— that I am inspired and compelled to share with you every week and in these Q&As.

On Sunday April 30 I did a program on exactly what we need to do as the people of the world, as humanity to bring peace on earth for an eternity. So please listen to the program.

I posted a picture for that program and it’s very provocative and it says, “Never again. Without action, they’re only words. Must you try on their shoes?” It’s a picture of the Budapest, Hungary memorial with steel sculpted shoes of the victims of World War II in Budapest. Jews were lined up along the Danube river (mostly Jews) and they were told to remove their shoes before they were shot dead by militia men who were aligned with Nazi Germany. So that they would fall into the river and they would be swept away. Their shoes were sold on the market. That’s why they had them remove their shoes. Very convenient. Horrible! So I asked the question, “Must you try on their shoes to wake up? God forbid! God forbid a million times. Let us work together so that the words, “never again” mean something. Otherwise they’re just words.

We need to come together as a family. This is not a Jewish, Christian, Muslim program. This is a humanity program. There is one God for all the people of the world. I am blessed to have him speaking to me and providing me with information, much of which is available but most of the world doesn’t even know, doesn’t know the difference between evil and good. You might say, “Of course I do!” But no, it’s very sneaky. I’m not putting you down. I’m not saying anything derisive. This is information that you must learn. If you’re an educated person, this is information you need. You need to go inward. You need to work on yourself. Because let’s face it. None of us can go over to Syria ourselves and end the war and save the children of Syria or save the Christians in Egypt who are being blown to bits. Bombs aren’t going to end the problem. They’re just part of the solution, possibly, unfortunately. The true solution and the true way that we will bring world peace is to listen, learn and work for peace within ourselves. Because if we remove the problem from each other and ourselves, we will experience peace in our world in our time, He promises.

Watch the full program and learn how to get it right, how we can bring peace because He promises we are the generation of world peace right now. God bless you. Peace on earth in our time. God bless you.

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