Is there life on other planets?

Not in this galaxy. In this galaxy Earth is the only planet that has life — meaning intelligent life like us. But when you travel outside this galaxy, there are many life forms. There are no humans anywhere else in the universe except for right here on planet Earth. To that end I have a good story for you, very interesting, and something that will give you pause for thought.

I was given a prophetic vision several months ago by Hashem God. It started out a bit comical really. It looked like Star Wars and there were spaceships, intergalactic travel and there were people coming out of the spaceships in uniform like they were soldiers but they were wearing kippahs, yarmulkes—Jewish soldiers. So I giggled. I thought, “What is this—like Spaceballs? Mel Brooks? What is this—a comedy?” He said, “Keep watching.” I saw one of the soldiers riding what looked like a motorcycle but it was very futuristic some sort of vehicle and suddenly the vehicle was blown up between his legs and he lost part of his body. It was horrific. The scream was a human scream like I’ve never heard in my life. It took my breath away. I screamed out, “Hashem! What are you showing me? What is this?”

He said, “Lori, the human race is very smart and they are a microcosm, a piece of me. Every human being is a creation and made of the stuff that I am made out of. The intelligence and the potential for each human being is limitless except for where I place the limits. In this time the world is filled with evil, horror, terror and I will not let this continue. Should this continue and humanity figures out a way to do intergalactic travel, you’re looking at the future. I will forbid it. I will not allow it. Now is the time for humanity to come together and learn how to get it right or there will be no more.”

Pretty stiff conversation. Gives you a lot of pause for thought and you know I agree. I don’t want to see that happen. Do you? So to that end let’s learn together how to get it right. Read these blog posts, listen to my podcasts, watch my program videos.

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