Why do Jewish people have big noses?

This question was given to me by God Himself, Hashem and it’s kind of tongue-in-cheek and funny but it has a serious answer. The question He wants me to pose is: Why do Jewish people have large noses? I’m allowed to make fun because I’m Jewish and I have a Jewish nose. The question is asked a lot — why is this a physical trait that many Jewish people possess? Of course every Jewish person doesn’t have a large nose and there are people from other nationalities who also have large noses so the answer applies probably to them as well.

His answer to the question why do Jewish children have large noses is — humility. That’s a great answer. I said to Him, “What do you mean?” He said, “Well they’re my chosen children, they’re the light unto the nations and with that comes a very large responsibility and it’s also a source of pride and potentially haughtiness.” So there’s a little reminder on the middle of our faces to humble ourselves. A little mezuzah — a reminder that Hashem God is king and that we have a huge responsibility to be humble and loving and to respect and love our neighbors as we love ourselves. I hope you enjoyed this little Q & A and thank you Hashem for my Jewish nose and the reminder.

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