A breakfast story & sharing a vision from Hashem GOD

A few years ago I found a Jewish star on the pavement. It had doves on it and it was made out of cardboard with a little bit of plastic. I hung it on a nail by a window by my toaster. A few days ago the window was open and the wind blew the star off the nail. I never looked for it. I thought, “Oh I’ll look for it later.” I thought it was on the floor behind the toaster. As I was toasting my bagel for breakfast this morning I smelled something. I thought, “Oh what is that?” and I thought, “Oh no! My bagel is burning but why does it smell so strange?” I went over to the toaster, popped up my bagel and my Jewish star was inside the toaster. It was burnt. I was kind of upset because I have had the star for a while and it’s kind of cute. It has doves and olive branches on it for peace. So I was upset and I said “Hashem, why?” I know there are no accidents. I said to Him “Why did it go in the toaster? I know that you do everything on purpose. Everything has a reason. What’s the reason for this?” He said, “We’ll talk over breakfast.” So we did.

He reminded me of a vision that He gave me a few years ago when I was still in Morristown, New Jersey. I woke up to a very profound heavy vision of the earth, the globe burning. The whole world was up in flames. And then he superimposed a Jewish star over the burning earth and the Jewish star was up in flames. He said to me as this image was in my mind’s eye, “Lori if anything happens to my Jewish children, it’s the end.” I woke up and got ready for my day. It was a very heavy vision but I understood what he meant. God’s chosen children are the Jewish children. What are they chosen for? Peace on earth for an eternity. They are chosen for many things but they are the light unto the nations and they’re here to bring peace.

The reason he had my Jewish star drop into my toaster was to have this conversation today to talk about what’s going on in America with all the anti-semitism and all the protests all over the world with the BDS boycott and college campuses showing great hatred for Israel. Anti-semitism is at an all-time high and this post is to share with you what Hashem said to me. He said if anything happens to His Jewish children it’s the end of the world as we know it. Be careful what you ask for. If you choose hatred and condemnation you’re going to get more of the same. If you try to do anything to harm Israel or His Jewish children, it’s going to come back at you with a vengeance. So you have to choose what is it that you really desire in your world? Do you choose to seek love and peace or do you seek hatred and boycotts and anti-semitism? Be careful what you choose. We need peace now. We need peace in this world for every person and every child. It’s time to love our children and love ourselves more than we hate others.

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