Are we getting it right? Is God happy with us?

The short answer is no. But it’s really not a yes or no answer. Oh He just said “Yes it is.” He just said, “No Lori. He is not happy.” Okay. I was going to say my answer was that it depends on the day and it depends on the person. He said, “No it doesn’t.” Oh boy. You’re in for it. This question was actually provided to me by my friend who went to a dinner party and someone asked that question. Is He happy with what we’ve done? In other words — are we getting it right? The answer is — not at all. Wow. So He is talking right now and He is saying we are all over the place.

Everybody is vying for their need to be right. The Christians want to have it right, the Jewish people want to have it right, the Muslims want to have it right. The libertarians, the republicans, name the group, they all want to have it right. He is saying if everyone has it right, we obviously all have it wrong. These are all His words, they’re not mine. And boy does that make sense. If that is not logical, I don’t’ know what is. The world is nuts. Nuts! And we can agree on the nuts maybe, but we don’t have an agreement on the reasons why. And that’s the purpose of this program and why I am here and why He is speaking through me and to me and telling me to put these Q&As out there and record the programs that I’m doing every Sunday. I am in the process of writing my first book. I have a series of books coming out. God willing I will put out my first book in the springtime of this year and I’m sharing knowledge and wisdom because He says to me these are the end times and we have to get it right.

I grew up as a little girl with all the Christians yelling at me that I was going to burn in you-know-where because judgment day was coming. I used to resent it but He tells me there is a judgment day. There is actually a division day where He will decide who will be welcome in the world to come and who will not be welcome. That day is coming. He will be declaring holy war — not us. So those who accept God and the omnipotence of our master and our creator will God willing be welcome. Those who do not accept Him and that this is His world and it’s His way are not welcome in the world to come. But it’s not a Christian thing, it’s not a Jewish thing, it’s not a Muslim thing — it’s a God thing. Wow. He just said that. So we have to get off our high horse and stop being part of a group or ideology or religion and understand there is one truth that will bring us all together. We must listen, learn and work for peace because the answers are available.

I hope you enjoyed this Q & A. They’re going to get more dicey as I go forward I assure you but so is the work of world peace. I tell you as a mom there is nothing in this world that I want more than peace on earth for my children, and for you and your children. I don’t need to be right. I just need peace and love. I need Hashem God. God bless you.

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