Are we slaves to GOD?

It might sound like an odd question to you but people do wonder — do they have real control of their life? God is all powerful. If you believe in God and I hope you do, He is omnipotent. He is dominant and He is the greatest force in all the universe. So are we His slaves? Are we His puppets in His play?

The answer to the question “Are we slaves to God?” is no. As a matter of fact, Hashem God desires us to be free children. It is our birthright. Liberty and freedom. That is the way of life that He desires for us. Slavery and bondage is the workings of mankind. Ego. Control everybody. Control your surroundings. Control people so that there’s more for me. Me. The quest for me and myself and I. Hashem has no ego. All He desires to do is to give us freedom and love and yes He has given us rules — a playbook to follow His rules. There are many people who think they know better. They look at the religious people who follow His rules and try very hard to observe his laws and they think they’re ridiculous. They think they’re insane. They think it’s oppressive, all these rules and restrictions. Why can’t I go to the ball game on the Sabbath? Why? I should be able to do anything I want to do.

The truth is you do. You can break the rules that He has provided to us and it is much to your chagrin. Because when you break His rules you harm yourself. That’s what this looks like to Him — a flipped universe. He has given you everything. He’s given us the world. He gives us all that there is. All He asks us to do is to choose Him and share and be loving and follow His rules which are designed for you to have a great and blessed life here on earth. Because He knows the pitfalls. He knows where you’ll fall down and He has predicted exactly what we’re experiencing right now in this world — terror, war, conflagration. He predicted it all. So we’re not slaves. We choose to be slaves or we choose to enslave by controlling behavior and forcing people to go along with the way we think they should live their lives. So on this holiday of Passover, celebrating freedom itself, where Moses, God’s prophet with Hashem God’s hand involved all the way, freed the children of Israel. Freedom. This is a celebration this week of freedom. But not just for the Jewish children — all of God’s children. We are all free. Free to choose God or choose the opposite of God.

I hope you enjoyed this Q & A and I hope that you have a beautiful holiday. If you’re Christian, happy Easter. If you’re Jewish, a blessed Passover. Enjoy. And everyone else whatever you’re celebrating, celebrate life, liberty and freedom. God bless you and may there be peace in our world in our time. God bless you. I am praying for all of you.

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