Posts about God

Today’s question and answer is for you. Hashem God asked me to ask you, “When you see a post on Facebook do you walk away if it mentions GOD and take your thumb and retreat, or do you give it an AMEN and a thumbs up?” Please post your answer on this post and if you’re an AMEN and an I love God person, share, share, share because this is the Facebook page for peace on earth in our time. I am sharing the voice of Hashem God. I was awakened in April of 2009 and I’m not stopping until there is peace on earth for every person. This isn’t about religion. This is about God Himself and He’s the real deal. I’m sharing His love with you and He wants you to answer this question. So give a great big AMEN and share if you believe that posts about God are timely. We need Him now and we need peace now. I hope you don’t retreat. We are seeing some thumbs leave us. These thumbs are attached to people and souls. I cry for all of you who leave. I pray for you that you will return one day and we will all run on love together. May there be peace in our world in our time. Amen and please share.

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