Did The Simpsons predict Donald Trump would be President?

Hello this is Lori Michelle of Running on Love, the charity and Running on Love with God, the weekly program. Today’s question is: Did The Simpsons predict Donald Trump would be president of the United States? Was it prophecy? It’s very funny. I saw a post online just the other day where a Muslim cleric was declaring that it was a conspiracy that The Simpsons show which is deeply evil, predicted that Donald Trump would be president, and that it wasn’t prophecy at all—that it was a plot for him to become president and how evil the United States is. I thought, Wow! The Simpsons had it on their program way back when 17 years ago that Donald Trump would one day be president and it’s hilarious. They actually had Donald Trump or a cartoon version of Donald Trump doing the thumbs-up that he does in real life. And it’s funny so I thought wow this was really a funny video. I was watching this and of course I don’t believe it’s a conspiracy but what it is, is something even more powerful. It’s Hashem God!

Why do I say this? Because when I saw that The Simpsons predicted Donald Trump would be president I remembered a time after I was awakened to the voice of Hashem God in 2009, and my life became a train wreck. I wound up getting divorced and moving out of my marital home. Things were really tough and one night I was crying and I said, “I love you Hashem. I hear you and it’s wonderful that I can speak to you, but I really need a hug. Can you please come in the room, come manifest as anything. I don’t care if you’re 5-foot tall and 600 pounds. I need a physical hug.” Hashem God said to me, “Lori do you want to know what I look like?” and I said “Okay.” Just then Hashem flashed a picture of Homer Simpson in my mind’s eye with big black bushy eyebrows. I nearly fell out of bed. I laughed to the point of tears and then years later I created a vision board because He’s so funny and heartwarming and He was making fun—Homer Simpson—that I created a vision board of world redemption through Running on Love and I included a couple of pictures of Homer Simpson. One picture showed Homer with big black bushy eyebrows, one showed him playing the guitar and the third one showed him dressed like Bob Marley wearing a “one love” medallion. So it’s sort of a quiet reminder that Hashem is involved in every single thing.

When I saw that The Simpsons predicted that Donald Trump would be president one day and then just a few weeks before the election Hashem God told me that undoubtedly he would win the election and then just a couple of days ago I hear that it was all predicted in The Simpsons 17 years ago, I just cried laughing. I was laughing so hard. Because don’t you see? Hashem is involved in every single thing! He’s involved in The Simpsons, He’s involved in technology. He’s involved in Facebook and Twitter. There is nothing that Hashem God is not involved with. So if Trump was predicted to be president in The Simpsons in the year 2000, it was Hashem God planting the seed in the creators of that program. I hope you enjoyed this Q&A and I hope you take to heart that there are no accidents. There is no such thing as good luck or bad luck. It’s all divine. It’s all on time and it is all Hashem God. God bless you. I hope you’ve enjoyed this because I surely did. Peace on earth to all people in all the world in our time. God bless you.

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