Is book burning ever acceptable?

Today I was on social media and I saw an article about blasphemy laws that are being used to prosecute people because of something called Islamophobia which I never heard of before a few years ago. There are a lot of incidents of hatred and anti-Muslim rhetoric going on around the globe. So to be in support of the Muslim community a lot of governments are instituting something called blasphemy laws. These are laws that have a provision which deals with public mockery or scorn against a religion.

The case in this article is that in Denmark there is a man who went into his garden and decided to burn his own copy of the Koran. But he didn’t stop there. He made a video of the book burning of the Koran and he posted it on a group on Facebook. He said very nasty and derisive things about Islam. It became public and of public record so he is being prosecuted under these blasphemy laws. The article was saying “What are we doing here? Is the west heading towards the middle ages and the inquisition?” They said it smacks of the inquisition and we are losing our freedom of speech rights. I read the article and I frankly was appalled by the book burning and the way it was posted on social media but not because of something called Islamophobia but because I saw it as an act of evil and aggression and speaking out against a group of people. I thought it was derisive and nasty. So I asked Hashem God “Is it okay to burn books?” He said “Sometimes.” I asked “Is it ever okay to burn a Koran?” He said “No.” I asked “Why?” He said “Because the Koran for Muslims is their holy book that they use to reach for God. It is never okay to burn an instrument that is considered holy and reverent to me.” I said “I agree.” (Of course I agree — it’s Hashem it’s God!) I asked “When is book burning okay?” He said “It depends. But it is never okay when it is done with the intention of inciting hatred and anger and division.”

I beg to differ with the article. The article is against these blasphemy laws and stating that it smacks of the middle ages. But we need laws to protect ourselves from evil. That’s what the work of this program is. Running on Love with God is a weekly program that I host to share the wisdom of God Himself and to bring us together in love and understanding so that we can look at these situations that are popping up all over the world and see them clearly for what they are. Because very good and intelligent people are viewing these things in the wrong and incorrect way. It’s very difficult to see things on the surface for what they truly are. You need to dig in and go deep and understand the source. If the source is anger and hatred—it’s just pure evil. It’s our job to come together in love, understanding and education to eradicate evil from our world so that we can enjoy peace in our time.

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