Why am I so blessed?

In this world sometimes we question “Why are some people so blessed and others appear to be not blessed—without God’s approval, without his blessings?” The answer to the question “Why am I so blessed?” is that we are all blessed. You may be blessed in a material way and it may mean that you have won God’s approval. But there are many people in this world who have material wealth and seem to become wealthy with no effort at all while others suffer from poverty and barely live hand to mouth. Does that mean that God loves the wealthy more than the poor? Absolutely not. You see God Himself knows more about what your journey is and why you are here and what He expects from you. He gives you exactly what you need and when you need it. Material wealth might be a blessing but it is a measure as well. When He blesses you with any form of material wealth be sure that He is watching you. When you are blessed with material wealth, you are blessed to give more. In this moment in time in our history the wealthy are falling far short of what they’re supposed to be giving back to our world. I hope this message helped you and I hope it was uplifting to know that we are all blessed—that blessings come in different ways and that if you are blessed materially you are expected to pay it forward and help others.

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