If God is all seeing and all knowing do we have any privacy?

The answer in short is yes. The explanation is that you are accountable for every decision and every choice and every word that you utter in this world. When you pass on and cross over God forbid, you appear before a heavenly court and every action and everything that you have ever said is presented to you. If you sinned and you chose incorrectly, you have to answer for it. God knows everything and sees everything but He desires for us to be free children. In every moment you are presented with choices. Unless and until you utter those choices out of your mouth and act on them it is your decision to ponder. Many thoughts that are presented to you in your mind are not even your own. They come from a tester, an evil inclination testing you to see what you’re made of—to see what you’re going to choose. Ultimately there is the good inclination—the inclination that comes from Godliness and good. You have a choice between either good or evil in every single moment. Until you act on it and it is uttered out of your mouth and you make the decision, you become with one or the other—evil or good and that’s when you’re held accountable.

In a moment God can enter your vessel and know every single thought that you’ve ever had, every one of them. So in essence, do you have privacy? If He chooses to, He will enter your mind, your vessel and He will know in a second every single thing. Every intention, every thought, every everything. But He chooses to give you autonomy and that is a huge responsibility. I hope you will take this information to heart and understand that while you have privacy and while you have an opportunity to choose, you are accountable. Everything you do is measured. You get away with nothing.

For the good people of the world who believe in God, that’s great news. For the ones who aren’t so good — choosing the wrong things consistently and causing problems for the rest of us — not such good news. For everybody who is in between and ordinary who chooses good or chooses evil on occasion, you have an opportunity to correct yourself in every moment. You don’t need to wait until you cross over and die. You can do it right now. You can learn where you’re going wrong, learn how to get it right and correct yourself right now. And that’s the goal. Let’s get it right. That’s what this program is about—Running on Love with God. Listen, learn and work for peace. If we all join together and learn how to choose God in every moment, we will experience world peace in our lifetime.

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