Why does God allow us to suffer?

Why does God allow us to suffer? We often wonder this. We look around the world and wonder how could there even be such a thing as God. What kind of benevolent God would allow such suffering in the world? God allows suffering in this world because we choose it. That’s the simple answer. The complicated answer is we are spiritual beings having a physical existence here on Earth. We must choose between God and the opposite of God in every moment. Both options are available to us in every moment. In His infinite wisdom He made us free children. We are free to choose. We are not slaves. He gave us the choice between Him and the antithesis of Him which is the Yetzer hara, the evil inclination — evil. When we choose wrong, we suffer the consequences.

I delivered a program a couple of weeks ago about the law of attraction. The law of attraction doesn’t operate exactly the way people in this world think. A lot of people put out content on the internet that if you just visualize something you want, it manifests. All you have to do is see it and it will come into being. And be positive—the power of positive thinking. But that kind of thinking negates the existence of an omnipotent God which He is. He is king of the universe and everything He does is good. Everything He allows into being is good. And even suffering is good because it is necessary. You see He knows more about us and our world and where we need to go than we do. We don’t know everything He does. So if He allows a horrible choice, a choice of evil to manifest suffering and pain for good people it is for our good and a good reason. Ultimately our purpose is to bring peace on earth here for an eternity. His allowing for evil to manifest is allowing free will to be. We are free children. Allowing suffering to happen should awaken our godly soul to say, “Enough. Enough. We don’t want this in our world any more.” I hope this Q & A gives you food for thought and wakes up a part of your soul that says, “Enough. Enough terror. Enough suffering. Enough war.”

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