Why is it easier to choose evil versus good?

Why is it easier to choose evil as opposed to good? Why is it so much easier for people in our world to choose evil as opposed to good? The reason for this question is — our world is spinning out of control. People are falling down left and right and everywhere. I know where everyone comes from. You come from perfection. Godliness like you can’t even comprehend. Hashem God is Wow! You are Wow! We are here in body, incarnate and it’s our job to choose in every moment good—God or evil—the opposite of God the evil inclination. I just don’t understand what the dilemma is. It doesn’t make any sense that we have terrorism and war and all kinds of horror in our world. In fact Hashem tells me that the balance of the scales between good and evil is tipped in the direction of evil. I said, “I don’t understand why.” His answer was one word. Ego. Ego. In his loving memory I would like to mention Dr. Wayne Dyer, one of my favorite authors and teachers. He said EGO was an acronym for Edging God Out. Separate. You’re separate from God. You have forgotten where you come from. I am not saying you in particular. I am not putting you down. I am saying in general people choose ego over being one with God. They forget. In any moment Hashem God says people choose ego. Self-centeredness. They are the center of the universe. They choose themselves instead of choosing outwardly or others the way God does. The way your pure essence and your soul knows to choose. That’s his answer. Ego is the reason that evil is so much easier for people to choose than goodness and God. Because we have forgotten. Let’s start remembering and do the work of world peace and remember now. By the time the ending comes if you God forbid die, you will know He is the real deal and you will remember why you were here and who you are and that you whoever you are is Wow! You are Wow! You come from amazing. So let’s be amazing now. Let’s start choosing God in every moment.

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