Top 10 list of MESSIAH incarnations. Chapter 11: “What an unbelievable list of who’s who …”

Top 10 MESSIAH incarnations. Ready for a jaw dropping list?! Excerpt from Blindsided by Messiah, Chapter 11, Mr. Peapody and Sherman: “What an unbelievable list of who’s who …”.

I don’t invent any of this information. Please know that I am genuine and that Hashem God, the King of the Universe is giving all this incredible information to me so I can share it with you. It’s time to connect the dots and understand what is behind this incredibly mixed up world. Hashem’s answers are not only fascinating, they are healing. Learn more about the truth that sews us together into one very large family. Let’s work together now to bring world peace in our time.

Order Blindsided by Messiah on Amazon and begin learning today how to heal yourself and heal our world. Peace on earth begins with you. Love, education and charity are our cure.

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Listen. Learn. Work for Peace.

May there be world peace in our time.


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