The Messiah/Moshiach is a NY Mets fan and NOT A QUITTER!

You might not be a NY Met fan, but are you a fan of the human race?

I’m a tough old girl born in Brooklyn New York and a NY METS fan. This is the last at bat for Messiah/Moshiach and God chose me, Lori Michelle. Hashem says this is our last chance for peace and it’s for all the marbles. Like the 1986 NY METS, I refuse to quit! Don’t you quit either!

World peace is a team effort, and everyone must step up to the plate. Read my book Blindsided by Messiah and start learning today about the source of our problems and how we can and must heal the world.

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I may not be what you wanted or expected, but Hashem says I am precisely what you need. Are you ready?

Listen. Learn. Work for Peace.

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May there be world peace in our time.

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