Moshiach/Messiah Hitting it Out of the Park! I won’t quit, DON’T QUIT EITHER!

Hashem shows me baseball stadiums filled with exuberant people, ALL OF YOU! Everyone is on fire and passionate to bring world peace. I’m a fan of the miracle NY Mets. More than once everyone counted them out and they fought hard and rallied to win big.  I’m a tough old girl born in Brooklyn New York and this one is for all the marbles. I will stand strong and keep on swinging. What will you do for world peace? Hashem God says I’m your last Moshiach at bat and this is our final chance for world peace. I refuse to quit! Don’t you quit either!

This is a team effort, and everyone must work for peace. Start today by learning the source of our problems and how we can repair them. Read my book Blindsided by Messiah.

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I’m not what anyone expected, but Hashem says I am exactly what you need. Are you ready?

Listen. Learn. Work for Peace.

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May there be world peace in our time.

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