What does GOD expect from the rich and famous?

Watch this program of Running on Love with GOD: “What does GOD expect from the rich and famous?”

Movie stars, singers, songwriters, famous authors and public figures garner great public admiration and enormous wealth. What price do they pay for superstardom? While their lives might look glamorous to the ordinary person, are being followed by paparazzi and constant public scrutiny worth the price of entry? What does GOD expect from the rich and famous?

Program Description: We see many stories in the news about rich and famous people whose lives end in tragedy. While famous movie stars walk the red carpet in Hollywood and receive enormous public attention, they also receive excessive ridicule. It seems unfair that they give us such joy, and this is their payback. Many people hope that one day they too will become superstars and enjoy this type of success. The fortune and fame look enticing from a distance. If becoming rich and famous is so desirable and wonderful, why do so many stars struggle with depression and addiction?

On this program of Running on Love with GOD we will explore the responsibility the rich and famous have in this world. Ultimately Hashem God holds us all accountable for our life choices. Does Hashem hold the rich and famous to a higher standard than the average person? The public dotes over the superstars and often gawks at them in public while asking for autographs and photo ops. Is approaching the rich and famous this way ever appropriate? Are the stars obligated to the public to give them their autographs and personal attention when they are approached? The pressure and scrutiny can cause many stars to fall into despair. Tragically some succumb to suicide or drug overdoses and we lose them because they can’t withstand the constant pressure. Does the public owe the rich and famous anything? Do the rich and famous superstars owe something to the public? In the end, we only owe GOD. While we are here, what is our responsibility to each other?  Watch the next program as we explore this topic.

Let’s listen, learn and work for peace. May there be world peace in our time.


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