Who is right in the eyes of GOD?

Watch this Running on Love with GOD program: “Who is right in the eyes of GOD?”

One of the most common definitions of ego is “a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.” Egotism is a human condition which rears its ugly head in adolescence and gets stronger in adults. Many people desire the good opinion of others while also demanding to be told they’re right. The ego says, “You are wrong and I am right!” If everyone is right, then who is wrong?

Program Description: The global public protests and complaining have become incessant and rebukes of every politician can be read all over the media. You can’t open your smartphone to look at the current events without seeing the masses huddling together in ideological groups who point their fingers in blame everywhere else. Everyone else seems to be at fault and rarely do we see people admitting guilt. Even when criminals are carted off in orange jumpsuits and handcuffs, they often maintain their need to be right and defend their criminal actions. It’s become a circus event of everyone vying for their need to be right and to be the smartest person in the room. Who is right in the eyes of GOD?

On this program we discuss righteousness in the eyes of GOD. Who does Hashem GOD say is righteous in our world? Instead of needing to be the victor who is considered right by his or her peers, we must learn how to make good choices and get it right in the eyes of GOD. Gratefully most people in our world believe in our Creator and desire His approval. Unfortunately, we are at each other’s throats and see finger pointing and blame thrown elsewhere. Those who are finger pointing never believe it’s their own fault. On this program we will review current events and news stories and reveal who is right and who is wrong in Hashem’s eyes. In each situation it is likely to be a mixture, however, chances are excellent someone in each situation is on the wrong side of GOD. This is not a place anyone should desire to be! As we review each news story, I will explain how to peel apart every situation one layer at a time to see what GOD Himself sees in all of us. This is a skill everyone must acquire to heal and bring world peace. We must learn how to discern evil from goodness in every single thought and action and choose GOD and His goodness every time.

Let’s work on this skill together and listen, learn and work for peace.

May there be world peace in our time.


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