How can we know that God is real?

That’s the goal of every minute of your life. You are a creation that came right from His spirit. You are greater than you can imagine. You are a piece of God. While you are here in your vessel, your conscious spiritual awareness is erased and you are commanded to choose Him or the other guy, the other guy meaning evil, the evil one, the one you don’t want to choose.

You, whoever you are, are a child of God and you instinctually know when it’s good and you instinctually truly do know when it’s not. You have to get in touch with who you really are. You have to choose — what would God do, what would God say? You have to be a pleaser of God, and not of other people. Chances are good if your choices are going along with the crowd, you’re going against Him.

You have to choose and use your spiritual muscle and while I don’t invoke the Torah or the Bible much, you need to learn. You need to learn what His rules are. If you weren’t raised with God in your house and people speaking of God and teaching you about His rules, you need to start learning who He is and what He expects from us. That is imperative.

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