Why do Jewish people have big noses? Part 2

I do a lot of these videos, I do a lot of Q&As and about a year ago Hashem gave me a question that He wanted me to pose and He was going to give me the answer. That question was, “Why do Jewish people have big noses?” While all these 200 some odd videos don’t get a lot of play on YouTube, that video of all the videos I’ve posted consistently gets 10 views a day. It’s up to a few thousand.

I was lamenting about a week or two ago, “Hashem, this is ridiculous. I’m talking about doomsday, the end of days, I talk to You, and all they want to know is why Jews have big noses?” It actually had a very uplifting answer which a lot of people didn’t like. There are a lot of anti-Semites out there in the world who don’t like the Jewish people and they didn’t like my answer because it was very positive about Jewish people. I even joked, “I have a big Jewish nose.”

So He awakened me about a week or so ago to a lion which is symbolic of the King, of the Kingdom. It was a metaphor for Him. He’s showing me this lion and I looked and I said, “Why are You showing me a lion? I know this is about You. What are You showing me Hashem?”

He zoomed in on the lion’s face and it had a big Jewish nose.

Derive your own meaning from that. Be careful people what you choose.

He is very funny, He is very uplifting He is very loving and He is always around. He is always around everywhere involved in every single thing.

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