What is the difference between God and religion?

Whether people want to hear this or not, He is real. I promise you He is real. A lot of people say, “Well you’re not telling me anything I don’t know, Lori Michelle, we all know He’s real.”, but I’m telling you He’s real. He doesn’t have a religion. He’s God! So what’s the difference?

We have one God. There isn’t a God for Christians and a different Jewish God for me and another one for the Muslims and another one for the Buddhists and another one for the Hindus and another one for another group or another religion. There is one God. He created us all. And He says all the religions serve a purpose — a community, a connection, a way of reaching for Him, but we’re getting things wrong.

There are a lot of people in the world who don’t even believe in His existence and there are a lot of religious people who choose their group and their ideology over Him. Their religion has become an idol so to speak. Their Bible is an idol. They bang that Bible right over your head like the Bible is God, but it’s the conduit, it’s the pathway, to reach for God. They misinterpret or mix it up. It’s no longer a vehicle, it becomes God. We need to be more rational and balanced in our approach and understand that we’re a family.

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