What do we have in common with the slinky?

This little toy was invented in 1943 and I had many of them when I was a child. It’s a fun little game and it’s a spring. A lot of children had this toy growing up and I was one of them and I went through many of them. They were a lot of fun. You could put it on the stairs and it could walk down the stairs. But you had to do it exactly right. It had to be in perfect balance and it would walk down the stairs. But after a while the slinky became tangled up and a mess and I’d have to get a new one.

We’re just like a slinky. We need to be in balance between ourselves, our spirit and our body in every moment. We are truly a spiritual being in a physical body and in every moment, we need to balance between the two. We have to choose. Like the slinky, we become out of balance and we choose incorrectly. With the slinky, when you choose incorrectly, it becomes a wild mess and you throw it away and you buy a new one. But we can’t do that with ourselves, can we?

When we choose and we choose incorrectly, it manifests in mistakes in our lives, in our bodies. If you eat too much you gain too much weight. If you smoke cigarettes, you might get cancer. You make mistakes. It’s a dilemma. We’re spirit, we’re just like Hashem God, but we’re a physical being manifesting in this world. It’s our job to stay in perfect balance in every single moment. We need to choose between God and the opposite of God, the yetzer hara in every moment. We’re being tested in every moment. You go a little too far the wrong way and you’re on the wrong side of God. You can’t throw yourself away and start over. Well, ultimately at the end of your life, you cross over and you have to answer for every mistake and every imbalance.

It’s a very challenging life here on earth and if you look around our world, we—humanity, are completely out of balance. There’s terror, there’s war but that’s not even the end of it. There’s pollution, there’s crime, there’s sexual harassment in the workplace. We see crimes all over the world and good people don’t recognize that they’re out of balance and they may not be choosing the correct energy, the good energy of God in every moment. It’s very tricky and it’s very slight. The difference between good and evil can be miniscule.

I did a Sunday program to go deeper into the subject of balance and choosing God in every moment. It’s not a no-brainer like you would think. It’s very tricky and we need to improve our muscle, our God muscle so that we choose correctly and stay in perfect harmony with Hashem God in every moment. If we do this, we won’t have to throw out the slinky. We’ll get to live a beautiful and blessed peaceful life here on earth. So it’s time to listen, learn and work for peace. I hope you enjoyed this metaphor and I hope you will watch the program and learn how to stay in balance and bring peace to our world in our time. God bless you.

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