Does God require severe restrictions?

Does God require us to observe severe restrictions and limitations so that we are prevented from sinning? This question came from Hashem God himself this morning. This morning he directed me to a YouTube video that was posted where someone was very angry, very upset about a news story where United Airlines sent a notification to a female passenger that they needed to change her seat assignment because there were two gentlemen who were flying on her flight who refused to sit next to a female. She couldn’t believe this and she was very upset so she wrote a letter to United Airlines who was very apologetic. But the story goes that it was two Muslim observant gentlemen with a religious practice that precluded them from sitting next to or speaking to women. Even the flight attendants on the flight had to be male or they wouldn’t speak to them. So Hashem God and I spoke about this and I said “I have flown El Al many times and there are religious Jewish men who practice the same sort of severe restrictions and they don’t engage with women. They don’t speak to women, they won’t sit next to women, they won’t even look at women.” Hashem God asked me how should this have been handled. I said, “On El Al they ask — would you move your seat. They don’t force you to move your seat. If you refuse to move your seat it would be up to the gentlemen to find another seat or another flight.” I said to Hashem I thought that was appropriate. We have the right to choose how we observe our religion and our faith and these Muslim gentlemen I believe have a right to observe their faith. However when it infringes upon a female, a woman from sitting where she desires on a plane that’s crossing the line. I believe that was inappropriate for United Airlines to insist on this woman moving her seat assignment. I asked Hashem should people severely restrict themselves in order to prevent themselves from slipping and falling and choosing the evil inclination because when it comes down to it that’s what this choosing is. These severe restrictions are imposed because it prevents you from choosing evil in any moment. Hashem God’s answer is no. No. Severe restrictions are not required. Choosing correctly in every moment is required and you are accountable. For someone to choose severe restrictions, that’s their personal choice but it is not required by Hashem God. These laws of modesty and restriction need to be reviewed and we need to speak about them. In the time to come I am told that we will gather together and we will discuss them all. But for now it is important that we respect each other and we don’t infringe on each other’s right while we’re trying to observe our own way of being and our own rights.

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