Is anything too small for God’s help?

Is there anything too small to request help from God? Is God involved in everything in our lives if we desire Him and call on Him? The answer is there is nothing too small or incidental for you to call on the help of God Himself. I have a funny story to let you know that He cares about everything. And I mean everything. Since October I have been on this quest to lose an extra 10 pounds that I have gained over the past couple of years. And I lose 3 and I gain 1 and I lose a couple and I gain a couple. I don’t seem to be making progress. I was getting frustrated and feeling like I can’t get it right. This is futile. I am just not getting anywhere. I want to get some help with this. So I went to sleep trying to think of what can I do to stay on the path and not keep slipping backwards and achieve my goal of losing weight. Hashem in his wonderful heartwarming way the next morning showed me an image. I was getting on the scale to see how I weighed in that morning. But when I looked down at the scale I saw two male feet in toe socks getting on the scale with me. I burst out laughing because it was Hashem God showing me that when I get on the scale he is doing it with me. He is in every action and every part of my life and he is there to help me in everything I do. So the answer to the question “Is there anything too small to request help from Hashem God and the answer is absolutely not. Absolutely not. He is involved in everything. I even heard a friend once say that when she was growing up she was told that God knows every single hair on your head. So ask him for anything and everything. Call on him. Reach for him. He is Wow. And he is funny too. He has a great sense of humor. I hope you enjoyed this toe sock reminder that when you’re stepping on the scale in the morning, it is likely He is there with you.

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