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    In my video blog posts I share my gift of speaking with our Creator to help give deeper understanding about our complicated lives. I provide many explanations and revelations given to me by Hashem God, personal life stories, prophetic visions and incredible excerpts from my book, Blindsided by Messiah. In the words of Hashem God, "Through love, education and charity we will heal the world."

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Why does God allow us to suffer?

Why does God allow us to suffer? We often wonder this. We look around the world and wonder how could there even be such a thing as God. What kind of benevolent God would allow such suffering in the world?…

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What do you do when you have feelings of despair and futility?

We all face feelings of despair and futility. What do we do when this happens? Listen to the answer our Creator, GOD Himself, gave me in a vision this morning. I was told to share His answer with you praying…

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