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    In my video blog posts I share my gift of speaking with our Creator to help give deeper understanding about our complicated lives. I provide many explanations and revelations given to me by Hashem God, personal life stories, prophetic visions and incredible excerpts from my book, Blindsided by Messiah. In the words of Hashem God, "Through love, education and charity we will heal the world."

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What will happen if we don’t clean up our environment?

We will all perish. Is that extreme? No. It is simply the truth. Is there a timeline for how long we have before the earth implodes on us? The good news is — and there is good news — Hashem…

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What does God think of Santa Claus?

The answer is — He loves Santa! I’ve always loved Santa. Santa is very much like Hashem God. He gives for the joy of giving. And he expects nothing in return. Love and appreciation of Santa is global. I posted…

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